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About Us

Hotel Room

The story behind Minibar Products really emerged because we listened to hoteliers - and discovered the truth behind what was missing from the ultimate guest experience.

Hotel minibar culture often lacks diversity, sophistication and luxury. We wanted to change this by creating the next generation of high-end minibar merchandise to adapt to an ever-changing and increasingly demanding market.

The solution was to talk to many professionals within the global hotel industry from London to Paris, Hong Kong and New York. We asked many questions. And we listened. Then we developed our products into a unique collection of minibar kits, unrivalled in size and quality, anywhere else in the world.

In today’s luxury hotel industry, the focus of exceptional service is centered on achieving the ultimate in guest experience. Availability and ease is essential and that means anticipating your visitors needs and providing an effective, high quality solution through the minibar collection.

Our merchandise has a proven track record in increasing hotel revenue. The added value of our Minibar products conveniently placed in your hotel rooms beyond encouraging impulse buying from guests is the collection delivers an exceptionally high standard of guest experience, service and care.

Minibar Merchandise offers a convenient kit, that can make all the difference in an emergency.

But to really go the extra mile, hoteliers can use our bespoke service to offer a 5 star product specifically designed for your hotel and guest. Build on customer experience - offer highly tailored bespoke products directly from inside the hotel room that offer a sophisticated solution and increase minibar sales, therefore increasing your room revenue.