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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotel Room

We’ve compiled a hit list of Q&A’s to help hoteliers understand the service we offer and the purchasing process.

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Q. What is the Minibar minimum order?

A. We take orders starting at a minimum of 100 kits. This can be made up of a selection, of the collection.

Q. What would a suitable first order be?

A. As an example, the average sized hotel of 100 rooms should consider an order of 300 kits. Experience tells us that having at least 3 of the collection on offer in each room, creates the best opportunity to improve your guests experience and your profit.

Q. What is the Minibar lead-time?

A. We know how important it is to keep on track with orders and deliveries. So we offer a 7 day turnaround. For your first purchase we would issue a pro-forma Invoice, when that is settled the consignment will be dispatched.  

Q. How is your order delivered?

A. All orders can be tracked via our preferred courier company UPS, so customers are guaranteed deliveries that arrive on time.

Q. Do any of the collection, have expiry dates?

A. Our mobile phone and travel adaptor kits are current technology. All other relevant products have a minimum of 18 months at the time of purchase.

Q. How secure are the MINIBAR kits?

A. We know how important it is for hotels to have peace of mind with secure minibar products. That’s why we devised,  tamper proof, snap seal lids. You can only access the contents by breaking the seal.

Q. What size are the MINIBAR kits?

A. Size and convenience is very important when it comes to stocking minibar products. To make life simple for hoteliers, we have used quality packaging that is exactly the same size as a can of soda - 330ml/33cl / 63mm x 113mm. Each kit in the collection fits perfectly into this container, for easy storage.

Q. What financial benefits can your hotel expect?

A. Insert revenue example - to finalise ?!?

Hotel with 100 rooms
70% occupancy - 70 guests
30% buy one of the Minibar collection - 30 happy customers
£450 additional revenue on the room
£153 profit with each room turnaround

Q. What is the bespoke kit service you offer?

A. Our minibar kits are aimed at the highest level of luxury hotels. Why not ask for a quote to brand the collection? You can be supplied with own branded kits, using your hotel logo and identity on the lid and container.  

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. It’s simple. All new orders are to be paid in full with a BACS transfer against a pro-forma invoice. Repeat orders can be negotiated, please contact us to discuss.